Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Q&A: Being In The Flow and Allowing Love In


Hi Cassie love!

I know I don't really know you yet but I really like and admire your energy; you seem to be very grounded and in alignment with what you want :).

I am true believer in the Law of Attraction and have really been applying it to my life over the past 2-3 years, especially in the last 6 months or so. I'm wondering, what are some of your techniques to stay in alignment with source? Esther & Jerry Hicks call it being 'in the Vortex' - I was a competitive athlete for years and so liken it to being 'in the Zone' where everything just falls into place without effort. You are so tapped into source that everything feels easy. They give the analogy of being on a raft and floating downstream with the current (this would be in alignment, things just flow and feel easy) vs. paddling upstream against the current (not in alignment, things are exhausting and difficult).

I think with my relationship, I sometimes flow upstream because I feel scared to open and give my heart to someone. But how to do that?!? I know I react to experiences from past relationships and put a guard up but I actually really want to be more open and feel like this phase I'm going through is really to learn and practice that lesson.

Anyway, that's a lot of info but I would love to hear your thoughts! :)


Thank you for your lovely compliments. Wow, really warmed my heart. I'm happy to get to know you. So glad you reached out :).

Ah, yes. I am very familiar with The Law of Attraction, as well as Esther and Jerry Hicks. Love your analogy of being in "The Zone" to being in the flow. That's awesome.

For me, being in the flow is about being my authentic self, being love, thinking love, speaking love, and staying connected to my higher purpose for being here. That's when I feel magical :), and my life feels effortless and joyful. Some tools I use to help me cultivate that vibration are meditation, other magical workings that connect me to my higher self, raw foods, reiki, being in nature, dancing, laughter and cuddling/playing with my husband and animal companions.

I try to use meditation as a daily tool for keeping myself heart centered (not head/ego/mind centered). I usually do visualizations and clear my chakras, use the time to send reiki, and be open to what wants to come through for me. Eating a raw food centered diet is also a daily habit, that obviously you know, helps so much in allowing us to hold a higher vibration (*Note-This person eats a raw, vegan diet*).

The other tools I use are really expressions of my true self. I am a very "magical" person, lol. I don't subscribe to any religion, but energy work, and metaphysics is just who I am. This could be anything from working with the tarot, to crystal workings, to writing poetry, to connecting with nature. I love hugging trees and I'm not afraid to say that, lol! Their energy is so wise, powerful and healing. Co-creating with the earth is another. My hubby and I have been creating our own little eden with tons of fruit trees, berries and a faery forest :).

If I find that I am struggling with keeping my vibration high, or I have a rough day or whatnot, that's when the other things come into play. I put on music I love to dance to and before I know it I'm dancing around cleaning my house :), feeling so much better. Or if I am in a really tough spot, I find taking a warm shower (a bath would work too) and imagining any negative energy being washed off me is very helpful. I envision gray light getting swept away from my body and aura by the cleansing water. Spending time with my pets really helps too. They are just so unconditionally loving. They don't judge us for our anger, or sadness; our imperfections. They just radiate pure love and joy and before I know it, I can't help but mirror that back to them :).

That's beautiful that you want to be more open and grow :). I too went through a struggle with allowing myself to be loved unconditionally. It took a lot of self work, love, and healing, but a turing point for me was finally understanding that any fears I had about not being loved, left, hurt, ect., was a reflection of parts of myself I was not loving. That I was doing the rejecting of myself. And when I learned to love all of me...every last piece, that was mirrored back to me in the most loving, beautiful and supportive relationship I could ever ask for. I learned that any problems we have with relationships in our lives, are a reflection of what is going on inside of us. When we do the inner work, we see our outer world reflect those changes. :) The universe always guides us to what we need at any given time, wether that be a book, a friend :), or a mentor. What we need to move forward on our paths will be drawn to us. As long as we are open to do the work, heal the wounds and move forward, so much love and light are possible.

Soooo wonderful connecting with you.

Lots of love and hugs,

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