Monday, April 19, 2010

Q&A: Feedback About Mystery Symptoms

The following question was asked by someone I know on a forum regarding recent health symptoms she has been having. Her doctors can not figure out the cause of these distressing symptoms. She gave me permission to share here :).


Hey I found your post really helpful at a time when I felt lost. I am still very confused, I've written a blog called "Update", if you could read it and give your feedback from your own experiences I would appreciate it, I'm afraid it is very long and still leaves a lot out, so when you have a free min.

In friendship


I'm happy to help. :)

I read your update.

OK, you mentioned that the allergist found your swelling not to be food related. This might be true, BUT as I mentioned before, their tests do not show food intolerances and sensitivity. I also was tested for everything under the sun and it came back I had zero allergies. Years later through NAET, a saliva test and elimination, I found out I was intolerant to gluten, and was highly sensitive to many foods. Often, with under the radar food intolerances that go untreated, our system can grow very weak and compromised due to damage in the body, lack of nutrient absorption, etc. This can leave one open and more vulnerable to pathogens.

It truly seems like there are three things going on with you. Food sensitivity of some sort, a pathogen possibly, and spiritual stuff :). Let me explain... it is my experience that the symptoms of the body are always messages. I think your last paragraph was key to seeing what is going on with you on a deeper level. The body and our soul are like lovers :). What one can not do, the other steps in to provide the lesson, or learning experience we need for inner growth. Often, health issues that result in LOTS of down time, bed rest, etc.,.. like chronic fatigue, medical mysteries, lyme etc., force us to STOP whatever course we are on and go within. Really listen to our inner voice, re-evaluate the reality we are creating for ourselves.

Also, it forces us to really take care of ourselves. You seem like you have a very loving, giving energy about you :) Sometimes those of us who give give give, need to be given the gift of learning to give to ourselves. Giving ourselves nurturing, the best food ever, love, acceptance right where we are with out judgement, etc., serves us and others in even bigger ways down the road, later in life, allowing us to do great things.

I know it is a scary, confusing, emotional time for you. I really do. Try to find out through the means I mentioned before if you have any food sensitivities. That's step one. In the mean time, eat what intuitively feels right to you, right now. It's more important that you trust yourself at this time and not feel stressed, than try to adhere to something that is causing you emotional turmoil. Step three, maybe start journaling your feelings, talk to someone you really trust, etc. Try to just surrender that for whatever reason, you are meant to go through this right now, so ask yourself what would make it easier on you? Maybe enjoy the down time to journal, watch your favorite movies, take relaxing baths, get lots of sleep, really nurture yourself, etc. It is often in the time we are most still that the most profound insights and realizations come to us. I'm also here if you ever want to talk :).

There are of course more steps to take, but I feel this is a really good place to start. Don't overwhelm your self by looking into too many paths at once. Plus, the universe will point you in the right direction that will be of most service to where you are at. Trust your inner voice and nudging.

I hope this helps you, even in some small way.

Lots of love and hugs,

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